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Easy Airplane Crafts for Toddlers

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Airplane Activities for Little Kids

Airplanes can be fascinating for young kids. They see them flying through the air, leaving white streaks through the sky. And if they are close enough, can even hear them roar overhead. A fun way to to encourage their curiosity are these airplane crafts for toddlers.

Airplane crafts can be as simple as making paper planes. Or as difficult as making an airplane out of popsicle sticks or craft sticks.

Another great way for kids to learn are from airplane books. Below are some of our favorites!

My son loves to watch the airplanes fly overhead. He gets so excited when he can spot one before my husband or I.

No matter what airplane activity or craft you choose, the best part is teaching kids about airplanes.

These cute airplane crafts and fun activities are great ideas to do with your airplane loving kid!

Paper Plate Plane in the Clouds: This creative project uses some simple craft materials such as a paper plate, your own airplane, cotton wool and some markers. This is a great way set up a fun flying scene!

Clothes Pin Airplanes: This clothespin airplane craft uses large clothespins for the body of the plane and jumbo craft sticks for the wings. It is an awesome idea to make after watching the Disney movie planes!

Printable Pretend Plane Ticket Printable: These are perfect for your little pilot to pretend with when they are playing with their planes or even when you are getting ready to go on a trip!

Airplane Toilet Paper Tube Craft: This easy craft uses simple steps to make toilet paper roll airplanes! The best part is that you can find most of the materials needed around the house!

Dragon Paper Airplanes: Paper airplane crafts are so much fun! This one is no exception! This includes easy step by step instructions to make your dragon paper airplanes and even provide some worksheets if you want to test how far each can go.

Do A Dot Transportation Art: This airplane activity uses simple supplies and a free template to make fun pictures of an airplane.

No matter what fun airplane craft you do, kids of all ages will love learning about planes. And being able to play with their new airplane craft!

Here are some other fun ideas for airplane crafts!

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airplane crafts for toddlers

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