best baby toys for airplane

Best Baby Travel Toys for Airplane

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Best Travel Toys for a Long Flight

When you plan to take a baby on vacation or a trip, the toughest part is keeping them entertained. A great way to do this is with small toys that can fit in your diaper bag while flying.

Whether your baby is in a car seat or using the tray table, a variety of toys are perfect for air travel.

How Do I Keep My Baby Entertained on a Plane?

A plane ride can seem like a really long time when you are thinking about how to keep young children entertained.

There are several great ways to keep a baby entertained on a plane. A good idea is to bring some snacks. Small things that they can easily pick up are a perfect option.

Another great idea is to bring quiet books. The last thing fellow passengers want to hear is one of those sound effect books. Some small books that have flaps or soft books make a great option.

An easy option is also toys. You want toys that do not take up much space and do not have small parts that could get lost.

If you need some ideas for great travel toys , this list below will be very helpful!

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorter: This is a great toy because it helps baby with their fine motor skills and can easily be held in their car seat or played with on a tray table. The different shapes help to keep baby’s attention for a longer period of time.

Soft Baby Book – Peek a Boo Forest: A soft book is the perfect toy to bring for airplane travel. They usually have different textures and fun, bright pictures.

Taggie Toys: These are great toddler travel toys . Babies love the little tags and these toys come in different shapes and sizes. Some are the perfect size to fit into a diaper bag!

Sassy Fishy Fascination Station: This toy with a suction cup bottom is one of the best plane toys . It can be stuck to the tray table so it cannot be lost on the plane and has several different activities to keep a baby busy.

Manhatten Toy Rattle and Sensor Teether Toy: A teething toy is one of the best baby travel toys because it serves two purposes – they keep them entertained and help if a baby has a new tooth coming in!

Sassy Stack of Circles: These different sized rings are a perfect travel toy! The rings have different textures and the best part is that each ring can be a different way to entertain your baby.

Sassy Development Bumpy Ball: This ball is especially good for young babies . It has different designs and can easily be held. It is also a good size to carry on the plane.

Busy Board: A busy board is great for little kids because it provides different activities all in one board. They are so much fun !

Finger Puppets: These are perfect for little hands. You can put them on a baby’s hand to help entertain them or use them yourself for a funny little song or puppet show.

Magnetic Drawing Boards: This is one of the best toys for small children. The drawing pen is attached to the board so it cannot be lost. Whether you have a little artist on your hands or just a scribbler, this is a great choice.

Bringing toys with you can help keep a baby entertained for an entire flight . But finding the most appropriate toys can be a challenge. Hopefully this list will help with your family travel and make your next flight a piece of cake!

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best toys for a plane ride with a baby

Best Airplane Toys

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