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Diaper Bag Essentials for Flying

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Airplane Travel Essentials for a Baby

Flying with a baby can be stressful.  One thing that can help is having the essentials packed in your carry on diaper bag.  Use this diaper bag essentials for flying packing list to help! But you may have a couple questions first.

diaper bag packing list when flying with a baby

Can You Take a Diaper Bag on an Airplane?

Of course! A diaper bag is treated just like any other carry on and must follow the same guidelines. The list below will help you to know what is and is not allowed.

Does a Diaper Bag Count as a Carry On?

It sure does! So since most airlines limit you to one carryon and a personal item, this can count as either one. I”ve sometimes put my purse inside my diaper bag to allow for that extra bag if you need it (and if your purse will fit!)

You can also plan to use your diaper bag as your purse so you can bring another bag on if needed.


When taking a trip with a baby, medications are a must have.  The takeoff or landing could cause some discomfort in their ears.  Bringing some Tylenol or Motrin in your carry on could help them with this pain.  One key thing to remember is that it must be under 3.4 oz and kept in a separate ziploc bag for going through security.  

Formula or Breast milk

A baby is definitely going to be hungry on a flight!  You don’t want to forget either formula or breast milk, whichever you are feeding your baby.  

You are allowed to bring both on a plane, within a reasonable amount, and it must be screened separately when going through security.   If you inform security as you enter the line that you have formula or breast milk in excess of the 3.4 oz minimum, they can screen it separately for you.  

You are also allowed to have ice packs or gel packs that you may need to keep the baby’s food cold for you on the flight. These are also screened separately.


If your baby is a little older and has started to eat solid foods, you may want to pack some baby food or snacks.  They really are a must have to help keep baby occupied on a flight! Having them practice picking up little Cheerios or puffs can keep them busy!

One thing to remember is that any food must be in its original packaging.


This seems pretty obvious to pack in your diaper bag, but you want to make sure you pack enough diapers!  Sometimes a flight can get delayed or you can never quite tell when there will be a poopy diaper or two! It’s always best to have a few extras for any scenario!  Once in the airport and on the plane, it could be hard to find the right kind and size diapers for your little one.

Bonus Tip! Plan to change your baby’s diaper right before boarding the plane. There is WAY more room in the airport bathroom than in the bathroom on the plane.


Wipes can act as the ultimate cleaner when travelling!  Not only are they useful for changing diapers, but you can wipe down your baby’s hands or face.   You can easily clean up any spills. It is definitely one of the essentials that you do not want to forget to pack in your diaper bag!


I know this one can seem a little strange, but it is helpful to bring some plastic bags to put dirty diapers in in case you can’t find a place to dispose of them right away.  They would also be helpful if you are not right next to a trash bag.

With plastic bags becoming a little tougher to come by these days, adding some food storage bags can work the same way.

Extra Clothes

Extra clothes are a must have for both you and the baby.  You never know if the baby will spit up on your or have a blowout.  You need extra clothes for the baby for the same reasons, plus if it is hot or cold on the plane, you may need extra layers.


This is if your baby takes a pacifier.  Sucking the pacifier can help with the takeoff and landing.  It can also soothe them if they are scared or anxious on the plane.  If your baby does not take a pacifier, you can use a bottle or feed them during takeoff and landing to help with their ears being blocked.

Toys and Lovey

If your baby is a little older, or you have a toddler, packing some small toys to help keep them occupied on the flight will be very helpful!  It can help pass the time as you get to your destination!

Bringing their lovey or favorite stuffed animal is essential!  It can provide them with comfort if they are scared or can help them grab a little nap!

Burp Cloth

Baby wipes will cover almost everything, but a burp cloth could be a help if your baby has an upset stomach and gets sick from flying or just spits up.  

One thing to remember not to pack in your carry on diaper bag is that big tub of diaper cream or Aquafor that you may usually bring around for your baby.  

I made the mistake once, thinking it was not a liquid so not a problem. It is viewed under the same restrictions as liquid so must be 3.4 oz or smaller and in a separate ziploc bag.  I had a large, expensive tub of diaper cream taken away and I was not happy!

Going away on vacation with your baby can be a lot of fun, but being on a plane can be stressful.  Use this helpful diaper bag packing list to help make it a little easier to know what things to take!

Grab a free printable diaper bag packing list here!

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  1. This is a really great list! Thanks for the tips on the formula and breast milk. That can be a really tough thing to handle that’s an extra hassle, but worth it to figure it out.

  2. This is such a great list! Flying with a baby can be so stressful but what I’ve found is to not worry what others think. It is what it is! If they cry, that’s just part of life. LOL! We are out of the baby stage and now onto the toddler stage. Now I need to be creative with ways to entertain him for five hours for our upcoming flight!!

    1. Steph | Dresses and Dinosaurs

      I completely agree with you on not worrying about what other people think – it’s so hard sometimes, but you have to do it! Good luck with your toddler – mine loved coloring and stickers a lot. And lots of snacks!

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