do board games benefit families

Benefits of Playing Board Games as a Family

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Benefits of Board Games

A family game night is a great way to spend time together. With kids playing video games and always wanting to watch screens, it is harder and harder to bond as a family. Being a board game family definitely has its benefits.

Do board games bring families together?

Board games definitely help to bring families together. They create a time and space for families to focus on each other without outside influences. Plus, everyone loves a good board game whether you have older kids or younger kids. There’s a fun game for any age!

do board games bring a family together

There are so many distractions for family members whether it’s work, school or other obligations. Spending family time together helps to keep that bond strong. And board games give you some quality time to spend together.

I have two little kids who are 7 and 4 years old. We have started buying them some classic board games in the last year and they love them! We now play a game together almost every day! One of the first games we got was Guess Who. Even though it is only two player, they loved to play it with anyone who would agree to play.

It’s a good reason to take time to have some fun together. It is also a good opportunity to help younger players learn about winning and losing. We always have our kids shake hands and say good game after the game is over.

What are the best family board games ?

This is a tough question because it can depend on your child’s ages and if you are looking for games for the kids to play or to play as a whole family.

A classic game to start with is Sorry. This is a family favorite of ours! You can have up to 4 players and it is pretty easy for younger children if they know how to count.

It is fun too because it is a little bit of a strategy game. It’s great to see the kids critical thinking about who to send back to home and who to help out in the game.

family game night

Another great game is Trouble. It is similar to Sorry where you can send people back to home but you push a dice bubble instead of flipping cards.

One game where you can play with the entire family is Eye Found It. This is a great game for kids of different ages and you work together as a family to get to the end before the clock strikes midnight. We have lots of fond memories playing this game!

If you are looking for quick games, Connect Four or Perfection are good options. They are mostly for two players but it they are a fun way to bond together.

One of the best games for young children is Candy Land. It is only based on colors and is a lot of fun for them.

Some favorites for older players are Monopoly or Life. They require a little more skill but are a great time for families.

Whether you make a family board game night part of your weekly or monthly schedule, playing board games together helps strengthen family relationships. It’s one of the best things about doing this activity together as a family.

What is your favorite family board game? And how do you think it benefits your family?

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