Valentine's Day Stay In Ideas

Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day at Home

When you become a parent, or under the current pandemic, there is likely not a night out for Valentine’s day in the cards for you. But you may be thinking, what can we do to make it a fun Valentine’s Day while staying home.

There are a lot of fun stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas – that can be more comfortable and fun than actually going out.

If you are looking to make the best of your stay at home Valentine’s Day here are some fun ideas to make it memorable!

Make a Meal Together

It may take until the kids are in bed, but try putting them to bed a little early.

Then come up with a fun dinner idea and cook dinner with your spouse or significant other. You can have some laughs while getting dinner ready.

Put on some of your favorite music while preparing your favorite meal and it makes for a good time. Plus after making a great meal, you get to enjoy it together. With adult conversation and no kids interrupting!

Order In and Have a Movie Night!

It’s really nice to be able to take a night off from cooking sometimes. Why not order in and take the night off?

Once you’ve decided where to order from, pick out a good movie you’ve been wanting to watch together. And hopefully you won’t be interrupted by the kiddos!

Have a Game Night

A fun way to spend a night in is to break out some old school board games and have a game night!

You could make some fun snacks or appetizers and let the winner pick the next game.

Have a Living Room Picnic

It’s usually too cold to be outside for Valentine’s Day but you could have a picnic right in your very own living room!

Pack a picnic meal, set out a nice cozy blanket and enjoy your meal and some good conversation.

Indoor Camp

You might do something like this for the kids sometimes, but why not do it as adults?

Set up a fort or a tent in your living room or family room. Then you can sit outside it and make indoor s’mores. Or if you have a fireplace, light a nice cozy fire and pretend you are sitting at your campfire inside.

Have a Fondue Date

Fondue is such a fun meal to have! You can make a full meal or just have it for dessert.

Melt some chocolate in a fondue pot, put together some fun items to dip like strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows or bananas and enjoy the deliciousness!

Binge a Netflix Show

There’s nothing better than binge watching a show – why not do it together!

Find a good comedy or show you both will love and watch as much of it as you can! I love when you can just continuously go from one episode to the next!

No matter what stay at home Valentine’s Day idea you choose, just spending time together is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday!

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