road trip scavenger hunt

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

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Road trips with the family can be super fun! But between all the packing and the time to actually get to your destination it can be overwhelming. Especially when the kids keep asking – are we there yet?

A great way to pass the time of the car ride is to have the kids do a road trip scavenger hunt.

This kind of scavenger hunt is a little different because you are not going out and searching for items. Usually with a scavenger hunt, you must run around and gather items. For a road trip scavenger hunt, you are simply looking out the window trying to locate the items.

My kids love looking for things as we are driving along in the car. We are often just doing a scavenger hunt on the fly and coming up with things to look for on the fly.

Another great thing about a car ride scavenger hunt is if you have more than one child, you can make it into a contest! Give each kid a copy of the same scavenger hunt and see who can find the items first. Or if they cannot find everything, who can find the most.

A road trip scavenger hunt is bound to make the kids ride go by faster and have them bothering you less! Plus an added bonus is that most road trips are not the same. So you can use this scavenger hunt over and over again!

This free printable pdf of a road trip scavenger hunt is sure to make your next car ride go by faster!

Grab your free copy here!

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