Five Things to Have for the First Day of School

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It feels like summer just started doesn’t it?  And already there is talk about heading back to school.  You just get into the summer groove and it’s time to start preparing for another school year.

As the beginning of the year approaches, check out these five things you will need for your kids first day of school:


It’s likely that over the course of the past school year, the kids lunchbox got all worn out.  Or what’s even more likely, that Frozen lunchbox they just had to have last year will not longer cut it – now they like Moana.  Or when green was their absolute favorite color last year, now it’s blue and they can no longer stand to have a green lunchbox!

Here are some fun options for kids lunchboxes:




Much like the kids lunchbox, the backpack is essential for the first day of school, whether it’s first grade or high school.  I remember being little and the excitement of my backpack – it was the little things back then!  My daughter loves a good backpack and has quite a collection.

Here are some fun options of backpacks for back to school:



School Supplies

There are so many school supplies to think about when it comes to heading back to school:  notebooks, pencils, pens, folders, markers, pencil cases and so much more!  Check out this great guide to school supplies here.


First Day of School Outfit

I think first day of school outfits are as much fun for moms as they are for kids!  It’s a fun day to dress up the kids after a summer spent in play clothes and bathing suits.  It also may be the only day that you can get the kids to dress up!


First Day of School Plaque

So this is probably not as much of a must have as a nice to have.  I’ve seen these come across my Facebook feed for the last few years now usually right at the beginning of September as everyone gets ready to go back to school.

What I love about them is it’s a great way to document your kids over the years of school and see how they grow and change each year.  Time goes by so quickly that sometimes, we forget to snap that extra picture so this is a fun, creative way to capture a big moment in your child’s life.  Below are a few of my favorites:

What are your must haves for the first day of school?

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