Take time for Mom: Book club edition

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Have you ever gotten so wrapped up in your kids that you don’t remember when you had a conversation with another adult without hearing whining, crying or “excuse me” on repeat as a little one tries to politely interrupt?

Sometimes Moms just need some time to herself.  Some time to feel like an adult and not worry about the kids.  One suggestion is to join a book club – it gives several different benefits in terms of taking time to ourselves.  You get to go meet with some other fantastic women and get to take some quiet, alone time while reading that month’s book.

About a year and a half ago, my neighbor invited me to join her book club of moms.  It was such a great decision.  We are a diverse group of moms – some stay at home, some work part time, some work full time and we have all been invited to this book club from different people who know each other different ways.  Some are neighbors, friends from high school, co-workers and even siblings. It has been a great way to connect with other moms and take a night away from all the mom duties.  We don’t even end up talking about the book a lot of time – actually, most of the time.  We might talk about it for a little bit, but it’s mostly about getting out as a group of moms to spend some time away from the kids and to feel like adults.  It’s also a nice opportunity to bounce things off other moms and know that you are all in the same boat.

To find a book club, you could check any local groups on Facebook or better yet, start one with a couple friends and have each of them invite someone they know that others don’t, such as a neighbor, sister or Mom friend they made at school or the park!  The connections you can make are limitless!

As Moms, we need to take that time to ourselves and a book club is a great way to do it!  Its an opportunity to get out of the house, connects you with either other moms, or other book lovers and it gives you a great excuse to take some time for yourself and to spend some time with a great book!

7 thoughts on “Take time for Mom: Book club edition”

  1. I would love to find a mom book club! I’m going to be a first-time mom this summer and meeting other moms is high on my priority and a book club sounds like the perfect way to meet them!

  2. I’ve been wanting to either join or start a book club where I’m at! You’re right — a book club is a great place to find like-minded comradery!

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