new years eve coloring pages

New Years Coloring Pages for Kids

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When you think of New Year’s eve, it’s often thoughts of staying up late and champagne toasts. But as you grow older, kids likely come into the picture and your New Year’s Eve plans change.

Now you may be hanging out at a friends house or just at home. But how can you help make it fun for your kids too?

Having some fun coloring pages is a great start! You can make it even more fun by giving the kids some creative ways to use the coloring pages instead of just crayons.

One fun thing would be to let them use a glue stick and some glitter. It would match the shiny fun of New Year’s Eve!

Another way is to have them paint the coloring page. There are lots of choices, even fun glitter paint!

Want to grab these free printable New Years coloring pages for kids? Get them here!

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