kids painted flower planter

Kid Painted Flower Planter

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Kid-Made Painted Flower Planter

When the flowers and leaves start to bloom during spring, kids usually get excited to see the lingering effects of winter end and signs of spring, warm weather and more time outside right in front of them.

A fun activity to do with them during the spring is to get a flower planter kit where kids can paint the planter and then plant the flowers.

kids flower planting

This Paint and Plant Flower Growing Kit is perfect for that! My kids got each got one from the Easter bunny and we did them together this weekend.

One day, we took out the planters and used the paint provided to make their own unique, painted design on the planters. They also had three little signs so we could tell which flowers were planted where. They got to paint each of these a different color.

kids paint flower planters

We let the planters and markers dry overnight. We wanted to make sure the kid’s designs would stay on their planters, especially so we could tell them apart!

The next day we start the fun planting process. The best part about this kit is that everything you need is contained in one box. The planter, the paints, the soil, and the seeds. There are even mini shovels and water bottles so the kids can keep caring for their plants after the seeds have been planted.

One of the really cool things in this kit is that a small disc of soil, when water is added and left for a period of time, expands and fills the entire planter! The kids thought this was a really cool thing to see.

kids flower planter

This kids planter kit comes with 3 types of flower seeds: marigolds, zinnias and cosmos. They are all colorful flowers that we can’t wait to see bloom.

After expanding the soil and soaking the seeds, it is easy for the kids to plant the seeds in their planter and cover them up. Once the seeds are planted, the watch begins!

It’s only been a couple days but my kids have been checking every day to see if anything has grown. Then they check the soil and water their seeds.

An added benefit of these planters are they include instructions to move the flowers from the planter into the ground once they have outgrown it. That adds another fun activity to do with the kids 4-6 weeks later.

This whole activity was a big hit with my kids and its even better because they get to watch something they planted grow. They felt like they were part of spring.

What is a favorite activity of yours to do with the kids during spring?

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